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Why Choose Us

Four advantages of choosing our products

  • Durable:

    The Piston Rod Of The Product Has Been Precisely Processed, With Good Wear Resistance, Surface Roughness Below Ra0.02um, High Hardness, High-quality Piston Rod And High-performance Sealing Device, Ensuring The Long-term Life Of The Nitrogen Spring

  • Reduce Costs:

    The Nitrogen Gas Spring Has The Characteristics Of Small Size, Large Elastic Force, Long Life And Constant Elastic Pressure. Small Size Can Save Mold Space, Large Elasticity Can Reduce The Number Of Springs, And Long Life Can Reduce The Number Of Mold Repairs, Thus Reducing The Total Cost Of The Mold

  • Safe And Reliable:

    Compared With The Pipe Welding Forming Method Adopted By Other Products, Beibei Kang Adopts The Integral Cutting Forming Method To Ensure The Safety And Reliability Of The Product.

  • Perfect Service:

    People Take Scientific And Technological Innovation As The Foundation, Industry As The Carrier, Customer Demand As The Guidance, And Go All Out To Build The Spirit Of Craftsmanship In A Big Country

Service Hotline:0769-85309665


The Nitrogen Gas Spring Developed By Dongguan Beibeikang Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Is A Self-developed Product Based On The Introduction, Digestion And Absorption Of Foreign Advanced Technology Based On International Standards, And Has Obtained Several National Patents In Manufacturing Technology. Specializing In The Production: Nitrogen Gas Springs, Mould Gas Springs, Domestic Gas Springs, Mould Springs. Bebekang Is Located In Dongguan, The Hinterland Of The Pearl River Delta, Bordering Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan And Shenzhen, And Adjacent To The Economic Ties Zhuhai, Hong Kong And Macau. Convenient Transportation And Unique Geographical Location. It Has A Large-scale Production Base And Technology Research And Development Center With Complete Supporting Facilities. Strong Technical Force, Rigorous Production Technology, Assembly Line Operation And Advanced Detection System. The Product Quality Is Reliable, The Varieties And Specifications Are Complete, And The Pr...

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Specialized Production: Nitrogen Gas Springs, Mold Nitrogen Springs, Domestic Nitrogen Gas Springs, Mold Springs

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